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This Savage Song Book Review

Have you ever been in the middle of a book and all the sudden some horrible, mythical monsters pop out of the plot, pretending like they’ve been a part of the story the entire time? You’re like WTF, since when are there monsters in this story?

This Savage Song by Victoria Schwab is not like that. The monsters in this story have a purpose and a really fascinating idea behind how they are born/created. The monsters range from fairly good to bad to OMG-if-I-saw-one-of-those-in-an-alley-I-would-die-of-erratic-heart-palpitations.

One of our protagonists, August Flynn, is of the good band of monsters. He may need to kill, as monsters do, but it’s bad people that his kind–the Sunai–feed off of.

Our other protagonist is Kate Harker, a sass attack of a teenage girl whose father is the mob boss that owns half of the city. The other half of the city is run by August’s “father”.

You can see the tension building already!

The city is split in two, literally. With a definite cross-and-you-die feel to it. Henry Flynn runs his half like a war zone. If you’re not in the reinforced Flynn Compound, especially before dark, you risk crossing paths with the real monsters. In comparison, Callum Harker’s half of the city lives in luxury. You can walk the streets, enjoy shops and live without fear, as long you pay for Harker’s protection, no monsters will touch you.

So when August Flynn insists on leaving their base to do something to help Henry Flynn’s task force, his “father” gives him a job–spying on Kate Harker by enrolling in her high school…on her side of the city.

This story is thrilling and creepy and suspenseful to the max! You will love August’s and Kate’s interactions, and will anxiously watch what they do when the line that separates their territories, begins to crumble.

My rating for This Savage Song: 5/5 bright and shining stars! I highly recommend it!


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